Advanced Rugged Systems
for Military Environment


Milper’s line of solutions include the following:

  • Rugged Tactical Computers and Tablets
  • Rugged Smart Switches and Routers
  • Qulified Optical Data Transfer Systems
  • Rugged & industrial tactical Docking Station for Panasonic, GD C4S and more
  • Rugged Military UPS
  • Rugged Storage systems
  • Rugged ATR (Airborne Transfer Rack) using VPX, VME and CPCI technology
  • Rugged DGPS
  • Airborne Heathers
  • Portable Control and Display units for UAV’s and Autonomous platforms and payloads
  • Solider Wearable Computers
  • Rugged Displays
  • Test Equipment, FLT’s and others
  • Rugged recording systems