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The Remote Optical Transmission System is a ruggedized tactical system developed and manufactured by Milper.

The solution includes 2 versions:

A. Two field units (Outdoor) tactically deployed, Mil-STD ruggedized.
B. Two units: one unit is Indoor 4U EMI / RFI sealed and second Outdoor units MIL-STD ruggedized.

The proposed system is designed to transfer communications between two remote units via fiber optics.
For example: Extension from communications tower and an operations room, or extension from a military vehicles and a portable control and display unit.

The proposed system transmits the following signals on an optical fiber (fixed or portable on a tactical pulley):

• Video
• Audio
• Serial Ports
• Dry contacts

The Optical modules in use are of Meridian, from the US (No need of end user or end use). The System meets the military environmental conditions and are fully sealed for rain, humidity, wind, sand, dust, salinity, as well as EMI / RFI. The units are using military D38999 Jamnet connectors.


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