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Supercomputing Show, Denver, CO - November 18, 2013 - One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), the leader in PCI Express (PCIe) High Performance Computing solutions, unveils its highly anticipated, Fusion- Powered Flash Storage Array (FSA) product line to customers demanding extreme storage performance in a small footprint.  The FSA is the ideal platform for high-speed data recording and processing, lightning fast data response time, high-availability and flexibility in the cloud, in the lab or on the battle field.  The latest FSA rendition offers enterprise, Financial and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications the fastest, most flexible and powerful turnkey storage solution to date.


Fusion ioScale flash memory products coupled with four 128Gbps OSS PCIe 3.0 server links in the FSA, provides the extreme performance demanded by today's mission-critical applications.  Uniting these innovations creates a 100TB network attached flash array that can reach 40GB/s throughput and over 8 million IOPS.


"The 2nd generation OSS Flash Appliance platform has been significantly enhanced with the new FSA appliance by combining the most advanced, standards-based PCIe solutions from OSS with the latest generation, high-performance ioMemory and ION Data Accelerator technologies from Fusion-io," said Steve Cooper, CEO of OSS.  "It was easy to see that combining the unmatched flash storage density and expansion capabilities of OSS with the market-leading shared storage performance of Fusion-io would make a flagship storage appliance for the High Performance Computing market."


The FSA fits in most datacenters with its compact size and light weight.  At an overall height of 3U and 24" deep, the 19" rack mount FSA packs up to 32 Fusion ioScale products into four individually removable sleds.  The sleds and enclosure are made of lightweight, rugged alloys with ample redundant power and filtered air cooling optimized to the installation environment.  The local IPMI module optimizes the enclosure parameters to the environment while also allowing the power user to set features through SNMP or the built in user interface based on the overall policy of the installation.  The small footprint, removable sleds and light weight allows easy one-person installation in data centers, airborne ISR platforms, mobile shelters and portable transit cases. The 3U x 18" x 3.4" memory sleds fit easily into an available roll-aboard style locking transportation case or standard data safe to protect your investment and your data in highly secure environments.


The FSA supports OSS PCIe direct attached storage as well as Fiber Channel SAN or Infiniband NAS storage options via the Fusion-io ION Data Accelerator software. In direct attached mode, an internal switch matrix allows from one to four servers direct access to the ioScale products in multiple configurations.  The sleds act in concert or separately to fit the changing needs of any storage application while supporting any RAID level available to the servers.  In network attached mode, the ION Data Accelerator software provides a fiber channel or Infiniband path across servers, virtual machines and more concurrent users than the direct attached mode.  Up to 100TB of shared ioMemory becomes available to the entire datacenter with industry leading performance, minimum latency and comprehensive visibility.


The FSA achieves end-to-end high availability at every level in the system.  At the ioMemory level, Fusion-io Adaptive Flashback software increases flash reliability and endurance by rebuilding data at the individual NAND banks.  At the module level, ioScale offers the reliability proven in the world's largest datacenters. At the chassis level, the OSS switch matrix, removable sleds and IPMI module allow for environmental monitoring, physical rerouting of storage traffic and hot-swap of the ioScale platform.  At the array level, the Fusion-io ION Data Accelerator software provides replication clustering and SNMP real-time performance and physical array monitoring.


"The reliability and simplicity of turnkey solutions like the OSS FSA powered by Fusion-io, help enterprises focus on meeting strategic business needs with proven solutions," said Marius Tudor, Fusion-io Senior Director of Strategic Partners and Channels. "Fusion-io is pleased to team up with innovators like One Stop Systems to deliver all-flash shared storage solutions powered by Fusion ION Data Accelerator software and ioMemory platforms."


The FSA is available in several standard configurations and is easily customized due to its COTS building blocks.  The FSA50 family has 50TB of Fusion ioMemory with direct attached, SAN or NAS connectivity options.  Similarly, the FSA100 touts 100TB of Fusion ioMemory.  All of the FSA solutions will be available in November with additional density increases expected in 2014.


About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems pioneered standards-based PCIe expansion products starting in 2005.  OSS continues its pioneering tradition by producing High Performance Computing appliances targeting advanced technologies in any market with high-performance, high-density requirements.  OSS provides flexible platforms for high-density next generation storage, GPU accelerated computing and professional audio and video applications.  OSS also customizes our products to make them fit our customers' precise requirements. Custom and semi-custom products have long been OSS' core capability. OSS has a proven record of producing the highest quality products through superior engineering, ISO9001-2008 quality-driven production, and responsive pre- and post-sales support. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) 438-2724 and visit our web site at  



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